Our Dive Boat

The Little Wahoo is a 24 foot 2004 Trophy Sport Fishing boat that has been carefully customized for technical diving operations. The vessel easily accommodates up to four technical divers including sets of doubles, stage bottles and safety equipment. We carry First Aid and an Oxygen kit for dive emergencies. We even have a custom “Enrique” (Diving Equipment Specialties) stainless steel dive ladder of an open “T” style design. This ladder is far superior to conventional “H” style ladders, because a diver can climb this “T” ladder with fins on – a tremendous safety and convenience feature. Custom hand rails and landing platform make for an easy exit after the dive. The Little Wahoo goes on many expeditions on Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, and the California coast.

Information about our expeditions, dive sites and pictures are posted for your viewing.

We also have our own compressor, gas booster and air purification system and can provide Trimix, Oxygen, Nitrox, Helium and Argon to meet any of your gas needs. Doubles, stage and oxygen bottles are also available. Drop us a line for more info