Wreck Alley

Location: Northeast side of Sentinel Island – Due to all the boats that have met their fate in this area there is some discussion and evidence that may indicate this area has similar phenomena as observed in the infamous Bermuda Triangle. Be careful!! There will be more wrecks listed here as soon as they are “discovered”.

Depth: 130 feet at the first boat and 285 feet at the deepest wreck. (These depths are based on the current Lake Mead elevation of 1,096 famsl, which was in June 2009)

Points of interest: Eight boats connected together by orange cave line starting at a depth of 140 feet on down to 300 feet. Permanent Hi Viz orange cave line connects all seven wrecks together. Line arrows indicate direction to and name of the next wreck on the line.

Directions: On the North East side of Sentinel Island either beach your boat on a small strip of sand just north of the gully, or anchor just west of the GPS cord. This is a very windy section of the lake so take your time anchoring and you’ll save a lot of hassle post dive. There are also two moorings if you can find them :)

Dive: (Shore) Swim on the surface south along shore for approximately 50 to 100 yards to an obvious gully heading to the east into deeper water. Drop in and follow down to a depth of 65 feet staying on the right side of the gully (look for underwater rock cairns) You will find a large boulder with orange cave line that will lead you to the first wreck.

Moorings: Once on the shallow mooring line you drop straight down to a large boulder. The orange cave line starts from the chain around the large boulder and takes you to the first wreck of the SS Alden J. Gumby. The deeper mooring takes you down to a large rock at about 125 feet then orange cave line takes you either to the Gumby or to the newest discovery, The Vickster which lays in about 145 feet of water which was found in December of 2008. We will provide more information on this knarly looking wreck once we have more recon done. From the Gumby two lines head off to other wrecks. Note: Do not attempt to swim along the line heading west to the wreck of the Sara. This is a scooter dive only. It is a very long way and is about 300 feet deep at the Sara. Please have the appropriate level of training for this dive. Stay on the right side (east) line. That will take you to the wreck of the Southern Cross sailboat. Follow the line on down from the bow of the Southern Cross to the wreck of the Blue Moon. Continue on down the line and check out the wreck of the Sponge Bob.

Wrecks are listed below as you would dive them from the start of the cave line at the bottom of the shallow mooring. Check out the Wreck Alley video under “Media Galleries” on this web site.

SS “Alden J. Gumby” – Depth: 145 feet
This is a 20 foot speed boat style boat with a small cuddy cabin. There is no motor and has been appears boat was completely stripped before its untimely sinking. The boat has a yellow tint and is the distinct feature of the wreck. Look for the floating plaque of the “”SS Alden J. Gumby”.

SS “Carole H.” – Depth: 155 feet
Found February 18th 2008, by LMTD – To our surprise during routine site reconnaissance, a boat was discovered just east of the Southern Cross and just north east of “The Wall” at Wreck Alley in about 155 feet of water. This boat is covered in knarly looking Quagga mussels and has an eerie, maybe even nasty disposition when you first look upon her……so we quickly named her the “SS Carole H.”. We ran the usual orange high viz cave line to her off the main line to Wreck Alley. Look for the tee in the line heading east before you get to the SS “Alden J. Gumby”.

Southern Cross – Depth: 160 feet
The flag ship of Wreck Alley. This boat lies on her starboard side with the bow facing in an north easterly direction. On the down hill side of the wreck is an opening large enough for Capt. Jack Sparrow to fit through and you can swim about her cabin.

Blue Moon – Depth: 180 feet
This is a 16-18 foot boat that sank many years ago due to a presumed fire. The hull has some fire damage but the boat remains very much intact. The name “Blue Moon” still resides on the back of her stern and the bow of the boat faces in a north east direction.

Sponge Bob – Depth: 190 feet
This small 14ft fishing boat was last seen around 1993 ??? as states on the registration tags on the port side of the boat. This boat’s most distinct feature is the mini Sponge Bob Square Pants doll that occupies the bow. The bow faces south west.

SS “S.B. Castle” – Depth: 190 feet
Found March 21, 2008 by LMTD – The recent winds and currents have done it again, during routine site reconnaissance, a 22′ to 24′ white sail boat was discovered just northwest of the Gumby and on the way to the Sara at Wreck Alley in about 190 feet of water. This boat is kinda short and stubby and there is not much to it so we quickly named it the “ S.B. Castle”. We attached the orange high viz cave line that runs to the Sara to this kinda NUDA/nude looking wreck. Look for the line arrows heading out from the SS “Alden J. Gumby”. We will be sure to add some video of this wreck in the next few weeks.

Sara – Depth 300 feet.
This 18 foot water ski boat was initially found by one of the Lake Mead Technical Divers recon team. It had recently sunk along the eastern side of Castle Reef which is approximately 1 mile to the east of its current home in Wreck Alley. It seems as if strong currents or possible phenomena have somehow shifted the Sara to her new home in Wreck Alley. You can get to the Sara by following the orange cave line that heads to the west from the SS S.B Castle. As mentioned above, this is an advanced mixed gas scooter dive only!!!

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