Location: Black Canyon

Depth: 200ft to small boat then 230ft to bottom of the tunnel

Points of interest: Boat wedged in a slot that forms a massive tunnel between to canyon walls and a boulder.

Directions: Dive site is located on the AZ side of Black Canyon in the last gully before the Dam buoys. (Buoys are to prevent boat traffic from entering too close to Hoover Dam site) Either beach your boat on the shore in the back of the canyon or on the east side of the gully half way to the beach anchor using the canyon walls.

Dive: (Shore) follow the gully straight down to a depth of 80ft. At 80ft the canyon becomes very tight (really cool) follow this to 200ft. A small boat is wedged in between a huge boulder and the canyon walls. Right off the bow of the boat an opening appears and it tunnels underneath the boulder and drops you to 230ft plus but out in open water! The canyon drops off all the way to the bottom from this point. From shore it is a long swim to get to the “hole” and dive times will be long, plan accordingly.
From a boat – (East canyon anchor) Swim drop in at 30-50ft of water and swim directly west. You will hit the tight canyon and follow to 200ft.

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